Progress in Tau Imaging

July 3rd, 2019, @ Congress Center, Hamamatsu Act City, Japan


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Tau PET imaging constitutes a new and rapidly evolving field with numerous methodological challenges. The goal of the Progress in Tau Imaging meeting is to engage investigators employing Tau-PET radioligands with the PET experts at the Society for Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism. Topics will include an overview of available radioligands, issues related to off-target binding, autoradiography, and the best practices for reporting Tau-PET data. It is expected that the Progress in Tau Imaging satellite meeting will continue as a yearly event, taking place alongside the International Society for Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism conference on odd years, and alongside the Neuroreceptor Mapping conference in even years.

Current Speakers

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Prof. Julie Price

Harvard Medical School

Desired properties of TAU PET ligands.
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Prof. Victor Villemagne

The University of Melbourne, Australia

Imaging with [18F] PI-2620
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Dr. Tharick Pascoal

McGill University, Canada

Imaging with [18F] MK-6240
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Dr. Antoine Leuzy

Lund University, Sweden

Imaging with [18F] RO-948
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Dr. Makoto Higuchi

National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Japan

Imaging with [11C] PBB3 Series


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